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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a little pic from Africa

I thought I should at least add one pic from Africa - a bus ride to watch cultural dancing to inspire the children. It did work and we were invited to have a big dance party with people from all over the world. The kids were a hit to say the least. Definately a highlight!

Tour Life

Its hard to believe that today we are getting ready to head to our third church to have our third concert and meet our third host families.

So far the concerts have been going well. Actually since I am the merchendise person I get the privalege of staying by my table full of product for the entire concert. I only get to hear the concerts from a distance and the raving reviews as people purchase their cds.

As I get ready to board the bus, I am overwhelmed at how the days fly by. I look at my schedule for the day and see that the children are rehearsing all morning, that means that I get to use the fabulous wireless signal here at the church to catch up on bills, emails, and friends - but all the sudden the time has flown by. This pattern has seemed to repeat numerous times already.

But before I go let me just tell you about my host experience these last few days. I had two girls - Scovia and Lydia and we stayed with some lovely grandparents. They were so thrilled to have us in their home and their grandchildren were even more excited. When we got picked up from the church the next day there was a crowd of children with the grandma to escort us to a grandson's baseball. After the girls were treated to popcorn, soon girls and their new friends headed off hand in hand to go and do some dancing (the new friends were dying to learn some "new moves") and a friendly game of duck-duck goose (still a novelty, even for the 10 yr old boys). The goodbye at Wendy's later that night was not enough time with the grandchildren so the party continued the next night with chinese food take-out, and even more and more friends and family. It was completely thrilling to see the impact the children make in just a short time. We have talked with the children about "letting their light shine" and I definately saw that in just a few days. The way the children live their day to day lives of thankfulness and faith is so apparent to the host families, I can't wait to see how it continues!

I must got because I know if I wait any longer I will be met by a stampede of children. Continue to pray for stength and unity among the entire team!