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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids are Kids

The other day as I found myself on another long bus ride (this new choir tour does a lot of bus travelling!) I looked up to the front of the bus. I was having a conversation with another chaperone an then got so distracted that I had to stop my conversation - I was watching Rebbecca wrap a nap blanket (each child has a blanket that they nap with) around her head in some sort of head dress. It totally cracked me up because it was so random. Finally I had to figure out what was going on, so I took my camera and found out who Rebbecca had become . . . the evil stepmother in Cinderella. It all made sense now . . . well not really for my western mind, but I was able to see an African portrayal of the story.

The above picture is Joshua B in blue shirt (the fairy-god-mother, and yes don't worry he had a pencil for a wand) and Godfrey in red shirt ( the King/evil step-sister).

Below we have the narrators Florence (L) and Susan (R) - Susan I am sure did most of the narrating as Florence gets motion sick, so I'm sure Florence was just monitoring the acting and providing any sort of instruction she saw fit!

And drum roll please we have the two main stars of the show. I am sure you can take a guess at who is who. Fiona (L) is Cinderella and Rebbecca (R) is yes you are right the evil step-mother! She was taking her job seriously.

And again we have Fiona working her magic even if she just has an African Children's Choir bandanna to work with!

These are just a few of my new 26 boys and girls a part of choir 31. It is times like these that make my heart grow with love - it is so funny how you can never run out of room to love. Even when you feel like you have loved like never before something happens and a smiling face with a blanket wrapped around a head makes me explode!