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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Joy. Joy was good, patient, kind and she was a geatle girl. Joy loved God so much and she was faithful to God and she was so thankful for what she had. She had self control. She always read her bible in the morning and night.

Joy lived in a big house and in a peaceful place. Joy lived with her Mom and Dad. Joy has a little brother and a big sister. Joy's family is rich. Joy's Mom works in a chocolate factory. Joy's father works in a bank.

Joy loved chocolate, camol and peanut butter. Joy's mother brought her chocolate cake with camal and peanut butter every day for desert. But one day her mother brought vanilla ice-cream. Joy did not like vanilla ice-cream. But she ate ti. Then her mother said, I thought you would not eat it and her mother was pleased even God was pleased.

Joy had a bicycle. One day she was riding her bicycle and she fell off and broke her leg. Then her all family praed to God every day. But nothing happened. Then they prayed harder and harder. Then one day God answerd ther prays. Joy's all fmaily thanked God for what he had done. Joy was fill with Joy. Joy never tryed to ride her bicycle. Joy saved her bicycle to the poor. Then God was pleased.


This is a little story that Claire wrote in P3 English class the other day. We had learned about the fruits of the spirit and then given a written assignment to incorporate them into a story. I thought it was so cute how she did it! I hoped you enjoyed.

ps we are on route to Canada - we are crossing into New Brunswick tomorrow. you may not know but i was actually born on the east coast of Canada - Nova Scotia - and haven't been back since i was five. so far my memories of the east coast have been correct - gray, rainy, foggy and lots of trees! but the ocean has been beautiful.

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