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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Canada Day hits the bus!

I know that it has been entirely too long since a post, so i thought as I sat and watched the celebrations for the 4th of July in DC I should post a little Canadian patriotism too! The office in BC is always so good to us while we are on the road and sends us packages periodically. This time it was a package all for the home and native land . . . CANADA!

We got on the bus and before we knew it there were flags strung up that the children engineered quickly. There were a few prized Canadian headbands that I pulled the Canadian citizenship rank and got to wear for the bus ride and dinner.

As you can see the children became patriotic quickly as they waved their Canadian pencils whatever else they could find in order to celebrate.

It is hard to believe that this marks the beginning of July. The end is near and its hard to even imagine what it will be like in just two months time saying goodbye to them. But I pray that these last few months will be filled with memories that last a life time and lessons that both the children and I never forget.
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Amanda Lehman said...

wow, you pull off that maple-leaf headband well! :-) the kids are cracking me up with their canadian spirit! can't believe you're time with ACC is coming to an end. i'm headed back to india tomorrow. so glad i got to see you this summer!
love you!

victory said...

i gave your blog an award, you can check it out, at