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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long Bus Rides

Today was one of the longer bus rides, somewhere around the 8 hour mark. Thankfully I was completely exhausted and slept for probably 7 of the hours on and off, very nice. But we have the privilege of traveling on a bus that has a working video machine (as opposed to the last bus that I traveled on). As a treat for both of the chaperones (a little more quiet time without constant requests from the children) and the kids we watched the movie "Prince Caspian". I have to say that watching movies with the children is one of my favourite things, even though it doesn't happen that often. I love watching the facial expressions and hearing the reactions to the scenes.
Even though I did fall asleep for most of it (I previously have watched it, so don't worry I wasn't missing out on anything) I woke up in time for the great fight scene. Of course at this point the children were looking quite distressed and making many expressions of sadness. And then my favourite part of the movie, when it looks like all is going to be lost and they are fighting a loosing battle we watch as Lucy sees Aslan for the first time. The whole bus erupted in cheers of "ASLAN!" and fists raised high with new confidence that the battle would turn around. Of course it does, I hope I don't ruin it for those of you who have not watched it.
I have found the symbolic Christ-figure of Aslan to be very encouraging, even as of late. It is such a good picture of what happens in my own life when the battle seems to be getting the best of me and when I feel like there is no hope - I am suprised to see that "Aslan" has come to my aid. And really He has been there all along but I sometimes forget and think that I have to fight the battles by myself.
Even though I didn't raise my fist with the children in cheer for Aslan, inside I was just as joyful to see His presence recognized again.


uncle steve said...

good words sister.

just finished the third book (of seven) in the narnia series, and Aslan continues to blow me away. how good it is that Christ (the Lion of Judah) will never leave us or forsake us. in joy over your journey sister. thank you for the updates and for sharing your heart with us.
- steve.

Amanda Lehman said...

I love this. What a great picture of Christ! Thanks for sharing, Sarah.
Love you!