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Saturday, March 14, 2009

so close but yet so far

the other day we were on route from wisconsin to indiana. our route went right around this beautiful city - CHICAGO! i have been gone now for about 8 months, and i have wondered a bit about life after tour and have been asked if i would move back, my answer is always the same . . . i would love to, but its so hard to know exactly what life will look like after tour. as we drove by the city though i was squished in between two girls reading The Secret Garden. i kept pausing and starring out the windows and they would yank on my arm and say Auntie you stopped here and pick up where i left off. i would give the parental "yes girls" and continue starring and making vague comments about how auntie used to live here.

i couldn't keep from just watching the beautiful skyline drive by and replay hundreds of fond memories that each building and street held. i guess that chicago truly stole my heart and hasn't let it go quite yet, maybe it never will. who knows if i will ever reclaim my area code that i still hold dear to as my phone or return to the 606-- zip. but i do know that chicago has been the closest thing to home and has provided the environment to shape so much of who i am today!

please enjoy the pics, i personally just wanted to go down memory lane.

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1 comment:

Angela said...

*sigh* I'm with you girl.....I miss you my chicago sister :)